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Bruno Marre, François Bobot
COLIBRI manual [link]
The official manual for COLIBRI.


François Bobot, Zakaria Chihani and Bruno Marre
Real Behavior of Floating Point [link]

Abstract : We present an efficient constraint programming (CP) approach to the SMTLIB theory of quantifier-free floating-point arithmetic (QF FP). We rely on dense interreduction between many domain representations to greatly reduce the search space. We compare our tool to current state-of-the-art SMT solvers and show that it is consistently better on large problems involving non-linear arithmetic operations (for which bit-blasting techniques tend to scale badly). Our results emphasize the importance of the conservation of the high-level structure of the original problems.

Zakaria Chihani, Bruno Marre, François Bobot, Sébastien Bardin
Sharpening Constraint Programming approaches for Bit-Vector Theory [link]

Abstract : We address the challenge of developing efficient Constraint Programming-based approaches for solving formulas over the quantifier-free fragment of the theory of bitvectors (BV), which is of paramount importance in software verification. We propose CP(BV), a highly efficient BV resolution technique built on carefully chosen anterior results sharpened with key original features such as thorough domain combination or dedicated labeling. Extensive experimental evaluations demonstrate that CP(BV) is much more efficient than previous similar attempts from the CP community, that it is indeed able to solve the majority of the standard verification benchmarks for bitvectors, and that it already complements the standard SMT approaches on several crucial (and industry-relevant) aspects, notably in terms of scalability w.r.t. bit-width, theory combination or intricate mix of non-linear arithmetic and bitwise operators. This work paves the way toward building competitive CP-based verification-oriented solvers.



François Bobot
Colibri2 manual [link]
The official manual for Colibri2.


François Bobot, Stéphane Graham-Lengrand, Bruno Marre, Guillaume Bury
Centralizing equality reasoning in MCSAT [link]

Abstract : MCSAT is an approach to SMT-solving that uses assignments of values to first-order variables in order to try and build a model of the input formula. When different theories are combined, as formalized in the CDSAT system, equalities between variables and terms play an important role, each theory module being required to understand equalities and which values are equal to which. This paper broaches the topic of how to reason about equalities in a centralized way, so that the theory reasoners can avoid replicating equality reasoning steps, and even benefit from a centralized implementation of equivalence classes of terms, which is based on a equality graph (Egraph). This paper sketches the design of a prototype based on this architecture.

The current version of Colibri2 doesn’t use learning anymore, it hindered the addition of new theories and reasonings



François Bobot
Colibrics manual [link]
The official manual for Colibrics.